tuesday 23

Some days I sit here and try to type something about my day, but minutes are going and nothing has written. There are such a wonderful, really delicious placid days now. So soft colours of water, so warm air of fresh. Everything what shine with gold and silver whispers “go to walk…”. And I’m so much want to just walk and talk with pleasant person about any intresting point. Sit on river bank with a package from a cafe. I was watching on two girls who did it when I painted a study. I couldn’t concentrate and everytime looked on people going to and fro by tranquill bank. I listened talks and watched on clothes. Of course it was understood that I need some relieve. But why I am so pressed. Under what? On the morning it was run and sun. I painted a study of sky. The problem included in my not indifference to that classmates. I feel sulk when sit alone with my phone or answer their question deadlock’s way. It doesn’t need to talk, to answer it doesn’t mean anything at all. Meanwhile they would think what they want. Today when our tutor gathered us to discuss attendance, I standed by her and just watched on that frowny girls. So childsh. Picture of kids who believe they are adult. Allegadly nobody escapes from obligations. I see not only them like children but majority of teachers too. Like a dagger has cut me from reality and I behold it separately.  La la la. I tired from this world a little. It’s so value to have my own so real but not material world. Alpine mountain, sun of paris, Italian bread, english books.


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