I can’t break me away from Mahogany music on youtube. So scatter I would be at home. Really my days in the college are so resemble on first course days when I listened music all the time and didn’t take part in conversations what always repeats day by day. There’re grey colours still exceed. I photo them and sketch them but don’t mix with.

On the morning lesson of “Rights” had replaced to foreign policy discussion. So pretty to see people who soaked with pessimism and absence of any believe in their own power in their own lives. Pretty and pressing. It was stress on computer graphic to do nothing in front of my conscience. Having little talks with new girl that had ended.

On drawing stir was so irritating. Again I felt dizzy in that walls. Like the first course when I was tired with four lessons and just went home. Frankly it is hard for me to stay happy inspiring among so passive people. And I need some high connection, I mean even interviews with swell people. Today it inspired me late night show with Marya Sharapova. Persons whom I watch every day doesn’t full my need of connections.

And there was some concert of vocal music. That was so din that I couldn’t wait more then thirsty minutes and had gone. I thought so much till they sung about me and sircumstances of that low level of culture. On the whole there is so much difference between this young people and singers who sing songs students don’t know at all. But to addition we listen its on so hideous level of serve.

So I went outdoors where sun shone and water twinkles. In the bank so please to get good information and then buy something and go on yellow leaves.

(I write so bad as this world really climbes into my mind)


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