The day of sun in the morning till I run across another street and the grey clouds at midday. We had watched a film about Breigel. I absorbed every picture and every motions. Very profound and slowly. That time I was merry and talked with new girl in the canteen. A little wet roads made me happier. On drawing there was some kinda dissappointment in the day. Girls were talking with freind by phone and I couldn’t find a chair for myself. After two basically senseless lessons it was almost an hour of sitting by a new heater. We had some strange type of conversations when everybody says some silly stories. Of course I took part and laughed about Kate who allegadly hates men but really needs them much. Frankly I wasted my time. Nastya persuaded me that the world is a terrible place where live is a perilous thing. But I swallowly tried to persuade her in opposite. I do not like that type of swallow conversation like I speak with a wall.

Very fast I get arrived to tennis where everybody had already been ready. Training’d got finish veru soon and I took my fifth place in the little competition.


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