just a day

It’s raining now with little little drops what cover the pavement with such a deep grey colour. I’ve got my dentist’s visit at morning. No late today. After that joyful process (resemble on massage) I went to the grey street of that neibourhood’s town and set on a branch in the public garden. My morning pages. Leaves were walking above roads and people were going somewhere. Girls may tell me a lot about hard life and rude drivers on roads but I would still behold in leaves and rains, in pavements and staircases – my own beautiful pretty world. This has to be.

Painting has going good as F told us some new things. But actully it was usual to see him working with laptop in the corner of the room.

I haven’t something to say as it is totally rain day when I feel myself wet and fresh. Going to do some sketches and 3d Max task.


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