Ok. I need to write something. As I let my mind to clear up with Pinterest pictures http://www.pinterest.com/violetv94/ (oh that instagram is the buring thing for me) This day is delicious thought I succumb to the end of. I am able to be better and to react on events better. On painting I painted very furious, on security of life I kept calm and listened like a tell I may to not believe to not take to heart his opinion. Finally it’s intresting to listen. Evening had much talks and girls sitting by the heater rest time. We drew nude Mary, she desided to pose without a bra. Her decision was a shock for other girls but not for me. Recently I don’t take part in talks and just draw. Often it is watched by me like a movie without end. I see pictures and dialogs. Not life. Maybe this remotion help me to be myself. I’m not like they are and they’re not like me. We have different ways. Everything it is isn’t bad, just not mine at all.


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