This day was pretty well at the start. I song songs en route to the collage and wacthed on the river. Only pictures of other places like another air made me breathe easier, made me smile and feel life. Of course when I so cheerful and active entered the room where only Mary was setting by the table with sleepy figure, it was as usual. Br. brought us some pictures to illustrate a thought about irregular drawing in classical pictures. Very interesting really. My sketches that time found out well. On history we watched photos of modern buildings as Gaudi. There was so cold and as only five persons came to lessons. After nice break during what was congradulation to teachers with a song about love in thousand comparisons, was an empty stir. We had lost our stool for sitter and passed every room inside. Finally we were said about business of our stool. It let us make a folly with stairs. Sadness spread to our room as we were alone and couldn’t do anything. F. had left with fanny face and word “Oh I may come, I may come”. After a lesson of drawing we had time with Br. for sketches. Then I left alone in the workshop and learned words.

Just when I went to the bus stop I understood that cannot find my ticket in the pocket. After some scouring my mind I found a moment. So silly. Tomorrow I’m going to find it though there is a little hope.


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