The sitter’s conversations

Like at morning sky has became grey and trees so glory orange. It’s a exhibition of sketches tomorrow, I have so much deals today. But when we sitted to drink some tea at the break we had talked much about different pieceful themes. Our sitter Mary is very lovely and clever girl. She is always in orden (I mean dress and bag). We often touch a theme of moving in another cities as here we have no perspectives for development. She regale us with honey and I became so relaxed and slowly. Good conversation values a lot of empty days. Good conversation is a kind of outporing, kind of creativity. But naturally recently it’s harder for me speak literately, my mind is in some stir with mix of two languages around with people and images of life. But today sitting with a cuppa I had taken my centre of tranquility. Even when sun emerged out of clouds and Mary (classmate) and me were going to bus stop we had good pieceful conversation about pretty things I am able to not cover away.

And to addition I haven’t found my ticket and credit card with it. Be more attentive.


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