Sketches review

Last days I have so little time at morning, I go to and fro, glancing at watches, I run for a bus and get it gone. Today I stall myself with big folder into little bus and was so awkwardly in such a narrow space. Racing to the study I met girls who just standed by the door. We were only three. Instead of real Interrogate it was like a conversation about rights in this country. Finally we get a reports.

New intern on computer graphic was very gentle and queitly explained us how to do some. I did my light very concentrated and when it rang I exhaled. Break had ended fast and we had to decomposed our sketches. In some time when we were just sitting and drinking tea F. came there and aloud exclaimed about out sitting.Then Br. went and we directed to the workshop. My sketches looked so small and in so little numerous that I began to feel confuse. As our teacher tell our wrong way of drawing I drawed hardly and felt nerviously. Where’s reason? It won’t influence on anything. Finally when I had sitted on a chair five munites after rang F came and called us. My scores was very good, almost every is best. There was no any critical view just advices and wiches. I was choice with my themes but really I have only one. Holiday. It was a stone what had droped out of my soul. But I was so tired. Really. Hot air, pressed thoughts and my boots let me set.

I took a drawing from the fund (it was student work of Br – fanny). We talked good till were sitting. All the time hammering sounds from everywhere. In the corridor there is new exhibition of plain air works (no one is mine – I still remember my state then). We painted a study of a girl on yellow background. To the end of the evening we listened shoutes of first course’s girls. Ksu had just opened the door and cryed louder. Then I get away the workshop and cryed with them (video shoot) and song a sing – so din sound in the empty corridor.

And it is theme of my diploma work, isn’t it. Modern masquarede with supper with candles.


2 thoughts on “Sketches review”

  1. Somehow I knew it would be ok this time. Congratulations! You did really well. You absolutely deserve something pleasant, maybe what you have been wanting to buy or…I just don’t know but you do.

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