Holiday in the town

The scattered day. Having overslept my alarm clock (special quite ringtone for mom’s sleep) I paced to bus stop. In a minibus with big windows I saw stir around the road. People were gathering on the square where on the stage man had already stayed and spoken something. Everybody was going forward on lines I directed diagonally. Strange feel to go your own way till everybody does it similar. People was with ballons, flags. Din music had spreaded to the whole square what was going to celebrate a holiday. Maybe you’ll aks me, what a holiday it was. And I’ll answer that it’s sport forum in our town (with a visit of president). Of course each lantern in the town’s centre was cleared up firstly for a few years. Leaves on roads were sweeped away like never before. Lamps were screwed into lanterns and our way through dark bank of the river now is lighted. Till I went to the college for study I didn’t know what had I been feeling about all of that.

Workshop wasn’t in work, girls were talking. As I felt myself tired with all that rabbish about college I left talks away. We worked little and I ashamed about it. So pulling obligation is to sit with them and eat the chocolate cake. And our teached hadn’t even arrived there to say something. We were alone. Drawing lesson was terrible time of hot air and din sound remote of us. I coudn’t listen any music because of headache. But I had wonderful conversation with ginger girl in the corridor.

Finally I had gone away earlier of time. On the square it was still music and speeches and people. As in friday we are arriving to Moscow I need a pillow. In the score instead of a pillow I had found thin books with great illustrations and so cheap that I had no doubt buy it or no. As road was closed I like the whole persons went on foot. I felt so tired and lonely looking on nude trees and innovations’ exhibition where I have no right to go. But today is so pretty weather without wind and with sun.


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