Moscow’s day

In the bus we (Kate, Nastya, Mary and me) set on front seats where we could behold the whole panorame. It was our little world where sounds of crazy novices hadn’t passed to us. After some time Mary and me began to watch the domestic film about Kolchak. I gaped a little as that pathos poses and words bored me. But after the end we fully discussed it with some others domestic films. I don’t like it much but have a peg to hang a conversation on. That time I to my amazing was enjoying silly things of this world. I mean terrible closets on stations with ponderous women. As I know that each of that doesn’t touch me at all. I slept bad, at least two hours pure sleep. And when we had arrived on train station where washed ourselves I was slowly. Nighty Moscow without any traffic is a magnificent picture especially on our panorame seats. Every time when I saw beatiful building it was surprise for me. After hours of sleep we went out to walk around the bus. I saw impossibly wonderful bridge and clear roads and to my heart beating the autumn around. We where cought in the rain what fresh and cheer me. I made photo and run to wake me up.

Then we follow to the park by Kremlin. Mary and me walked there beholding store opening, foreigners, people who was going somewhere. We set on a branch in centre of quite wet and very beautiful place. She began to ask me about future plan (OMG stop to dig it!) I felt myself very free by her quesses and thoughts. We start to talk that Moscow isn’t worse that Spb, even better view of very freaky character of the last. Each of us knows about dark sides of Petersburg.

I was very happy to tread slowly across streets. After time in till little line to the museum (at day it was as long as a street is) we enter museum. I was passing it alone, watching at Rubens and Jordans with great interest and without habit to watch pictures. It’s a skill too. There was a lot of people as usual.  On the ground floor there is my favorite Rembrandt – really deep art. Later I heard a conversation about soulless of western art and spirital of Russian art. Fanny people’s blindness. After detain time for our weak novices we went to the cafe for having dinner. There I was crazy and take much dishes. We were sitting on the underground floor and talked about initiation party we are going to get. They was so tired instead of me. I wanted to go to some stores. Finally we’re waiting else by subway. Then Tretyakov gallery.

I didn’t want to go there as I little tired with much russian art. The same pictures. And I didn’t hense, listened some instrumental music and attentively examined. No classic art more colourful, dashing. I opened N.N Ge paintings. ge8

Then we went for a walk to the Red Square. Mary and me cheers each other with photos. There was so vivid but delicous light of lanterns. People were happy to photo there and just talk. Everywhere it was an air of holiday. I loved it with beautiful windows and wooden handles on lux restourant’s door. When I’m in a big city to feel happy isn’t a hard affair. On a moment I forget about real world with deals and purposes and I want just to write or draw with cup of coffe in one of that nice cafe. Mary told me a little about places there I’d not known before. How little I know! really. But it was natural sense of life in heaps of people and lines of stores in lights.

Sitting Mary again touched a future theme. Of course when we’re there it’s only “we need to leave our town”. And it’s true. But I’m so dreamful in that place and came to light pictures of future is so easy.

When we had get in the bus I was still cheerful instead of other. Traffics seemed to me video-game, no more, but driving on a track at night is dreadful thing I afraid of. But I watched an english film, listened some music and under my coat get sleep. At morning we saw a mist everywhere, like a mistery silently world. I was and am calm. Poverty of this town isn’t surprise for me.


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