Weather’s influence

I had so vivid dream with a plot. THere was an attration of building what has a thin of building moving around. And there was a story of sister’s husband who writes tales and had spoke that he had seen a sheepman. And I was standing in front of a mirror where I so immediately beheld that sheepman. It was so uncanny, so hideous.

At the morning I got up hard at eight and half an hour. In hour I had already been in the workshop after overcoming of rain and wind. It was fanny to use new way of painting where only one underpainting colour would be covered with glazes and brushes. Time passed quickly.

And after a lesson of lecture I had to turn off and pose. And I had been posing more than two hours. At the beginning I felt really confuse with the process. On the whole it’s very unplesant to sit with lingerie in the room where everybodies are dressed. But in time I relaxed. Talks wasn’t very interesting as usual and to the end of I felt tired and wished to dress up and go away.

Outdoors it was no surprise to get seen a chaos of water, wind and ice. We paced carefully as could. On the bus stop I in ten minutes had understoden that no any transport there was. And I went on foot. Slew trees and weakly icy wire led on roads. Colours of wonderful disaster.


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