short day

It looks like November or Febriary now. It’s snowing nonstop the whole day. Pavements haven’t plain nice surface yet but white and cold. I feel a little chill with each of my cough though it’s really OK for sometimes sicking men, not for me.

I had arrived to the college early. En route there was such a fascinating music of love (main theme for girl solo) In the college there was no rattle and no stir. As yesterday only four students had gone today little more.

My underpainting with umbra doesn’t make painting good and I had covered it with the pallete knife. Three lessons in silence and with some music from time to time had finished fast and I got problems with dead colours on the neck and legs. I see much work needs to be done. The day after tomorrow is the exhibition of drawing and I’m going to spent the remainder of the day for copy. And I will be late with return the original drawing to the fund.

I find people with their speeches and manners of behavior so open – most of them (not all of course) can’t bear them or can’t be somebodies better than they are. It’s like tennis if you feel your companion isn’t self-assure you will be calm and answer him more considered and weighted.


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