Truly the story of our ex-classmate who had moved to south for her estimated husband is harsh. I wasn’t amazed with that descriptions of her behavior but with the whole situation. So pretty serious clever girl who was our ex-warden she slept with married man in view of Jane (I told about her in note on Irina’s birthday) everyday and morning, was often drunkard and did such a virulent little deals. Other girl Jane was working with her and living with her almost year. And she had histerics, hard days of work until night, not to mention the scenes there was so terrible that I wouldn’t tell it someone here. Zhenya said it’s the bottom of the bottom (meaning the first girl of course).

I listened that stories from second hand but it had touched me to think about people. We connect each other, but how could we really ascertain who in front of us. What would be with him\her in another side of life. It’s very important to safe good relations with good persons and look at new faces very diligently. And to be careful as reputation is easy thing to spoil but hard to improve. Simple thoughts in real affairs. And it’s a reminder to me how happy I really am to be at home (not forever), to create, to improve, not to sleep with people after especially drunkard night. I improve in every moment of life.

After that talk I went to go out (dizziness and weakness at all) and met Nastya from fourth course. I set to her and we were talking on usual but nice themes of study lives about fourty minutes untill I had felt myself so bad that was forced to goodbye.

And it was the sketches’ exhibition today.


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