Bussiness of admission

I have to say it’s a tremulous thing to slide through orders of this education system. Yesterday we’re informed about new rules of exams. State exams instead of local ones. It seemed me a little good as with sertificate I would insure myself giving papers to second order universities. On today’s gathering they said us another thing, in a lesson we learnt the other one. And girls and me had came to educational centre to consultate. There were such a ponderous woman who humorosly and stern explained us a situation. On the street it was snowing so placid and tranquil on trees and plain pavements. But we were angry with wrong information we had recieved in the college. Pages of institutes didn’t take me more certainty. Certainty. It’s a fanny word. I certainly know everything where I am going to apply, how and when. I know about my little plans. But deep down it always remains a little part of doubt between two cities. Where is my heart? It’s not a question at all and I know it. Blah-blah-blah.

I’ll just enter the academy. Everything will be OK. Keep calm and be optimistic.


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