Delicious days of mists and rain with snow. Soft pictures of trees moved away into a grey cloud of air. Just look up and you will see nuded trees spilled with water drops. Look through the window on the furthest bank dissapeared in a mist. Fresh air. Shiny pavement, snowy ground. When you open your eyes for beauty and creativity sense of happiness extended on you in a moment. And finally I’m a rigid one in my skill to slide from sadness to happiness in two days. It’s so clearly now. Than more you live than more you understand it all.

Often last time I hear about cars and husbands and parties on friday, costs of electricity or something this kind. All this practical view is boring. Most people lives this way, but I suffocate with it’s endless series of preoccupations. I want something more. Breathe with life. Feel and understand it proper. Way of constant notion about life is not my way. I don’t want to complain about foolishness of someones or poverty or angry foreign adversaries. This is not for me. I need to create and improve myself. Process is life. I continue to breathe till I am in process.


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