The detail of the day was on morning. I came on the second lesson and found our workshop almost empty. Stage was very simple – just three draperies. (with the sitter it’s really good) But the main thing was about our teacher. He was drunk. Really. Girls sniggered about it and called fanny, but for me that was a fall down of him. I recognised traits of speech and gestures of my dad when he was that way too. And all I felt was anger. Anger and full disappointment. There was my sincere bewilderment of girl’s reaction (It’s OK, just very fanny that’s all). After we had known about new orders of checking student’s attendance something like a abyss opened inside. Statue in the grey workshop. It’s me.

After lessons I went home looking up the sky and rewatching images and thoughts of my mind. I have them on the case of this greyness. It’s just a test. Continue do.


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