Miracles’ day

It’s just a day of miracles. The first one was at “the rights”. I had got five absences and my general situation was not so clear. But in lesson’s time I’d told three themes and our mildly teacher wrote me Five.

The second and third ones are related with our computer graphic work. It was downloading so slowly that I could get asleep downright in front of the screen. But immediately on another computer it had begun to work faster. And finally a function what didn’t work long time had turned on.

The fifth one is lifting me to the district. In composition lesson I was furiously creativity. To the end Br. said that my picture is about Shakespearean passions but not about levity of people of my age (theme of social networks). Then I turned back and answered that I liked Shakespeare much. And he naturally asked why do I not compose about this. We talked a little about different films based on plays and he went out.

I was merry inspite of exhibition tomorrow. Zenya offered me to go with her on car.


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