After worrying night and morning with placid french music as a soothing I was in the workshop under strick Br’s control. All my lighty hopes and skethes dispelled with his cold hard view. I did not feel any support of him (should I?) and doubts appeared like natural consequence. Sometimes that lessons are torture. History was filled with reports and slides. Computer was failing and people were entering with the same excuse. Our female teacher lost temper with threat of disorderly students.

On breaks I rang to the institutes in the others cities and got no answer. Instead of Moscow’s one. Fanny and very pertaining case.

Can you believe but I was wondering on the first floor till it was going the drawing lesson. Why a lot of my good mood dissapears with mondays. When I was painting my pre-picture I wasn’t understanding why I have such a regard to my theme. Something unclearly in the regardness of the teachers to my work (messes!!). Joke is about themes. Mary has the historical russian theme what is understandable, traditional and clear. My theme is modern (social networks) with modern light of gadgets (not sun, not candles or simple lamp). When our teacher came out I breathed with relieve. And with relieve and french music I directed to tennis.

To interfere with views with A and make exersises constantly. In the bus there were a black dog who led on sits and tenderly got caress.


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