Histerical day

Certainly I need to lead my blog at least for defining day by day.

This day was eccentrical with morning visit to a doctor and excited girls’ tales. Last night a lot of people got up with the news and run to ATM to take their money from goverment’s bank. At midnight! They thought that by the morning cards wouldn’t be able to use. At the begin of the day I laughed but watch later it found out hysterical true what shuddered me a little. Instead of plunge into painting and drawing we drunk tea and discussed that. Time was going on but in the workshop it was only sounds jokes and tales. Days of this kind is often shaking one’s mind. In a minute questions of currency have appeared in the first line. And you understand time by time how fragile this world is. Problems are always (I hate them all) and I ask when we would be happy. To wait and hope is the way I tired to use. No, thanks. There’s nothing is able to harm something on the other side of life. Don’t think much about future circumstances and a web of needs, please I ask.

The town is full of New Year Day’s lights. It has already standed year tree with the numbers of shops at the Republic Square.


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