Monday of the last week

Tranquill snowy day. I’ve rested the day before and today woke up like a city after the rain – fresh. It was about four hours in the net reading pay books (only fragments) and watching interview with Pozner. Sometimes speeches like he has really glad me as I know that there are somewhere people who talk culturally and thing profoundly. In this kind of day me condescends inspiration and clarity. Allegadly I finally have knowledge of life.

Today in the history study we listened slacky reports and then had the talk about the gift. Our pretty Xenia depouched against our idea for expensive gift for the tutor. She talked such a surprising words what revealed me her pragmatic (with national trait) greedy view on life. Basic notion of “blat”\clout. Finally we had some money for buying Christmas toys. We were glad to ascertain big sales in the shop we went. It was so lucky purchase.  In another shop I was so merry and happy that fluently run around a bag I was looking for.

Trolley-bus are still dirty and rude. Only my mind is changing.


1 thought on “Monday of the last week”

  1. Maybe that is the reason to speak your mind and to share what you feel, even though a stupid crowd will not understand – to be heard by deep souls.
    I always remember my teacher of literature of the 20th century. When de was delivering his lecture, nobody seemed to be listening to him. I could not show it but I knew that I was there, I, I understand! I am interested – that’s what I wanted to shout.
    So, this is the only way for those who feels something about this world – not to be silent and to speak loudly (not necessarily with words, you know), although in may look like talking to a nice wall.

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