Final exhibition

I’ve just finished my last full term. Nothing will be the same later.

With all my heavy bags what are able to kill somebody I went to the college. I wanted to style the hair in the morning but had got no result. Place for development.

I can’t say that my statement was good or bad, it was just nasty to haul pictures through the bridge again the same way it was year by year. Certainly I was closed. New sketch was forgotten at home and I couldn’t keep calm knowing it. Even I didn’t try to be happier or merrier. The situation totally vomitted me and everything I did was just turning off any emotion.

The exhibition continiued long time during what we begun to eat and drink and then to give gifts. Girls were reading the book I gave to I. – advaces for men. I get the gift from Mary “Legends of The Celts” – kind of her.

The exhibition had got finish with my “Good” marks and denial of everybodies but F to lead my diploma work. When we bacame more fancy pictures were just packed into bags.

I feel tired.


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