Group’s New Year party

To remember yesterday evening. We should meet in the cafe where the friend of Mary worked. Before the meet I get ready styling hair. I need to say it was probably bad day when I still was like a slack stone without passion but with rage about everything. I cryed on grandma because of her being herself and I crying when I hadn’t achieved good hairstyle. It was hard to drink tea with shuddering fingers and went on trolley-bus to met Lena. On the bus stop I had some time and went to the store. Fanny fanny sellers. When I had gone away and come closer to Lena she was so glad to see me. Her pleasure and uncovered friendliness conquered me. Inside the cafe there wasn’t a lot of us at that moment and we could talk one another.

But people went one by one. I was trying to be fanny while inner wanted to swoon. Certainly my health had failure. And a moment did it for me tense. Money. I have it only for a dish, not for drinks or hookah. I had tasted it and felt nothing especial even with very strong one.

I (to my regret) thought much and watch much. Cause of loud music we couldn’t talk and interact one another, we couldn’t enjoy so gross company. I even couldn’t take girl my little presents. That place only for drinking, smoking and laughing loud. Drink to forget about life, smoke for relax and laugh for fun. No persons or real connections. It doesn’t matter.

I went out with Jane on fresh air. To that moment maybe part of smoke had taken an effect and I talked with her more within that five minutes we were going to the bus stop.

Remained part of evening I didn’t know where to set myself.

Morning is better and merrier. We are going to buy a new year tree and some goods.


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