After so orderly morning with omelette for breakfast we went for shopping. About half of an hour we were going watching on dishes and tablet PC-es. Going shops and discussing different sides of purchases is a kind of delusion. It seems to you that everything may be bought. But naturally it isn’t true. Mom plunges into this delusion swiftly but I can’t wonder to and fro without curtain aim. Pretty things seldom touch me and rather seldom make me envy.

To change underwear so dainty isn’t my usual way. I used to run into the shop, fetch a model, try it and pay for. That’s all. But now I behold options. Softy pink.

Pizza and milkshake in the same old cafe where I was sitting so often long time ago. We had delayed at sport store trying winter jackets among other mad people who went there for sales. I had a good one but even with the sale too expensive. There is some plesure to watch on options of your look. To the end of time I felt tired with endless noise of music and stir of hangers.

Just a glass of juice at home nothing more.


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