Spring is started

And finally it has begun. Spring has begun in every smallest unit of life.
During the morning I did illustrations for computer design and could behold sun out of my room. Streets were filled with light and frivolity.  The lungs could breath freely as mind could get clear.
Inspirited with these sights I entered the college and tryed to infix my impressions into common talk.
But there were again chiars and stools with teapot, sweets and cups. Talks again. No, thanks. I can’t just seat and drink tea watching videos until nothing is ready.
Our ex tutor went to see us. She is totally pregnant and doesn’t work now. Girls imagined some kind of metting on the next vocation. I felt and still feel that can’t be there among womanish talks. This is not for me.
Evening was as pretty as day was. People were going home in such a number that it seemed to me a big city life.


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