Just a friday

After I got sleep late and woke up early with the alarm clock, but slept an hour after I have got a headache. It was the one of my go in time morning.
There are so much thoughts in my mind that its are running to and fro within one head. My last phone is eight years old. Eight years! Have I told that my smartphone is stolen and I force to use ancient time’s gadget.
It was too shame for me to confess in one day I had lost forever. I was just sitting, reading articles, watching new season of House of Cards (brilliant work of director of photography!) and being still upset. But that time cleaned my mind from dust and bore of my own life. It is, I should be honest with myself.
Today it’s weather of white shining snow and blue sky. The town as is blurred. Arriving through the main street with my plane table as a planner.
This pre-holiday only four girls had gone to paint. And we were crowned with gifts. Our tutor came smiling, speaking in warm tune and had gifted to each of us a palette knife. Real useful act before we paint a diploma picture. I didn’t expect that I would be so glad to get it and smile so wide. Then Anokhin treated us with sweets and enduring words.
Kate is found out to read self-development books. Her life certainly  thirstes it like a dried soil water.
There are flowers and women everywhere. I want to have a bucket in the dining room. (Maybe I should find pay work). But it’s too evidently that no flowers I will have until there’s no man (or free money) to pay for it.
It remained only twenty eight days of my study.


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