Exhibition day

Is it a great time of greyness or great time for a plunge up?
Got arrived at taxi to the college with two heavy bags of oils, hummer and pictures. It was half to nine, the first time this year when I came earlier than lessons begin. Before the start there is another area of junior courses’ people, managers and some innocence. I was in the dark blue shorts, dark blue jamper with diaper – so self-restrained condition.
At computer design lesson after I had shown my illustrations, there was no real deal to do. Painting lesson was unusual as we tryed to set at the stage. Our deserve to get it throught a space hadn’t been understood. F. had much efforts to stand it without any notion what we really meant. Finally it was just a usual stage with draperies and day time light. But I found a place were it seems more dimentional.
My literature compositions appeared better than I had assumed before.
But not our exhibition’s outcome. It was thus. I was going to the ladies’ room as couldn’t to be at workshop more time. That time the teachers were going out of auditorium and were asked if I might to come in. Inside there’s marks I could imagine. But the same marks for others whom pictures was frankly bad had surprised me. Surprised and disturbed. As every effort I gave to my pictures is senseless. And even with all my notion about importance’s absence of mark I feel something cheating.
When I came from literature girls had been sitting in the corner of the workshop under a cold lamp. Everywhere teacups stand and litters thrown. Talks was about kinder’s toys and Iphone’s qualities. I watched on N – good looking girl in black dress, eating an apple who so serious discuss such a rubbish. In a quater of an hour I was hauling my canvas through the bridge. Usual gloomy thinks. Throw away it!
And now I should go to the theatre where they would be with the boyfriends. Why? Maybe it’s time to act out of word. Maybe.


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