18 days before the end of study

It was fabulous day of sun and colours. There is some miracle in being quiet at the morning and having some more time.
At first time I had visited a bank in the usual office of business centre, where among corridors there dwelt a little other people that in a bus. My daring behavior is another reason to get pleasure. The sun and sense of freedom are other. I look at the sky and ginger light on the walls as I would be fall in love with somebody or with something like a spring time. My views on male strangers is constantly the same.
En route to the college I’d met Kate, who said me about teacher’s absence and cancel of the main plan to paint a nude study. By the way, she hadn’t recognised me in my new jacket and the hat immediately.
At home hours later I at the end had drawn the view out of the window for degree picture. It’s noticed that with little deals everyday we become nearer to our dream. And this is what I feel now – sense of motion to my own dream. Even if showing sketches on tumblr confuse me.


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