8 days before the end of the study

There is a driving snow out of the window. White streams are whirling across streets as these are claiming about winter return. No, thank you. I was in the old coat and with the oldest phone we had at home. My timely eight years age nokia had told us good bye and repainted the screen in black.
Today I’m light. Nor a sitter’s stupidity, nor some grey faces among classmates, neither unpleasant critic of the teacher could make me feel worse. It’s all rubbish and of course has an end in eight days. Last eight days of study here. And a few rigid months for diploma picture.
My en route time I read “Pride and prejudice”, watch tranquill world of personal doubts and joy. So far from there.
To say in one word, now I see the light in the end of this way and the idea of living another way makes me more severe in daily aims. I must just try to have better marks on our next thursday’s exhibition (the last one).


2 thoughts on “8 days before the end of the study”

  1. It will be okay. I mean both the last exhibition and everyhting in general.

    “Pride and prejudice” – isn’t this distance from nowadays what attracts us in books?

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