7 days before the end of the study

From early morning to the dinner time freeze wind blew everywhere. I was sitting at the computer with my illustrations. A lesson had gone so invisible that I have no so much enthusiasm for the second one. I was complimented by girls for my little pictures and was so glad to feel it even in such a little portion. Also we had found the programm what initiating real oil, watercolour, pencils etc with so realistic approach.
Since the dinner it had been beginning to be rubbish. I could’t or rather say didn’t want to mix with them on conversation about cheap liquid. And when I actually will be able to listen music on my own phone?
The good point was about a visit of Britvin. As usual he said some notices, but among them a golden light of phrase about right drew neck. Oh my lord, it isn’t so hopeless, something is studied for these five years! This is a very joyfull note for me.
As I drew till girls were flaping about I decided to go home earlier. The other reason is about my stomach.
This kind of times when I have no theme to discuss with classmates and N doesn’t answer nor my letter niether my texts to her I feel a scruple shade of loneliness. But then thoughts about future chops and changes take it away as useless redundant.


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