5 days before the end of the study

This was the day of work. Maybe work wasn’t fully on the painting lesson when Irina cryed “What about tea break?”. Sometimes this kind of life’s style annoyes me.
But after a salad on the dinner and some tea I began to draw Nastya’s portrait for the picture. Long time we set it up. Kate with whom Nastya was going to go home was so slowly and scatter-mind that I had got some add time for the sketch. I heard some songs from 2013 year K turned on. Listening those russian lyrics I saw clearly how far that time for me now. Time of type’s tasks till nights, some phantoms of amourness, alive dad who got up at night and talked with me. To say honestly the time of my study has gone not so swiftly as it seems sometimes. As it seems to majority of students.
Hour later my mind should be concentrate on literature’s exam and Solzhenizin’s biography exactly. Then it was brunch in McD where I decided not to go there anymore. Sun and stir of young and mature people.
On the sketches I tired, really tired to the last pose.
When I concentrated on my own life’s aims I had became rigid and senseless like a stone. Stone what can’t speak fluently with people. No. I can, but the persons around me influence on me with their closeness to life. I see it and want to change the situation.


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