The last study day

To be honest this is a queer day.
At the morning in a slow temp I was decorating the self-portrait, sawing some lathes, cutting a paper. When I went out, streets had been so hot and full of spring air that I was too suffocated in a bus. The whole day there is some pure silence in the air. Such a silence that I can hear rustling of brunches and the sound of my own step.
The college today seemed to me so uninhabited, like an empty castle is filled with ghosts of past. This sense is so strange. Especially when you were cutting out your last drawing on the last lesson. And there will be no lesson more here. For us.
I was tranquill watching on other cartoons and decorating my own last pictures. Future is shown me like a final round for a horse.
As I have already watched the dream about my failed exhibition it doesn’t tremble me so much. Everything will be OK in any case.


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