The final end of the study.

The half of the day was short as I had it in the workshop drawing my cartoon. In the morning there was no sign of yesterday’s storm. In the empty painting workshop I had been working till the first lesson. Then unexpectadly we were send out by some tutor. It should be said that in the morning I felt myself so broken and heavy inner. But then the process of drawing had made me feel better.

That was unforgetable day of the last exhibition in the college. Morning was so sunny and frivolous, I had just a bag and no more. In the college no room was ready to do an exhibition. We’re sitting in the hall. Then neglectfully we got another exhibition’s pictures out of the workshop and put our own. I joked much and spoke easy as about my sketches as about other’s pictures. In a few hours the exhibition had been almost finished. Basic pictures were had watched and only diploma had remained. My marks was terrible like I never wanted to have. Nobody went to say us something about it. Nobody said should we wait for diplomas’ exhibition outcome or not. It was shameful. Especially when one of managers came to make us run for scouring the workshops. Then another one came to cry on us with some of treat. It noticed me school time when I felt the same seizure to this routine.
Then we had hours in the dark corridor, feeling bad doubts and fears. I couldn’t concentrate on anything. When it had finished we all entered the hall. I looked around here and said to myself “Oh my Lord, how little this place is, and how much the number of us!” The process didn’t please but I standed rigidly. The teachers altogether were exhusted sitting on the red chairs. Britvin tried to force on me with his unplease. So silly it is. I know that all that time I did drawings for cartoon. After that I would do cartoon itself. No haste in my castle. But actually in the regime of study I should show the cartoon, not sketches. Of course, I thought about stupidity around, in the marks’ sistem (you know, only four options to change) in the papers’ affairs. But after the process everyone directed different ways and I stitched my tutor to discuss deals. Even if I’d got certain advises.
Some time after we’re drinking coffee in the McD. All of us was exhusted and thoughful. I like many times before covered a sadness, what could capture me, with smiles, jokes and unbearable joyful about the end of the study.
The evening I was so much tired that no one deal except watching the film about Italy hadn’t been done then. This kind of weariness names The stress.


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