Cartoon’s days. Saturday

Grey day of saturday. The first time in the year when I went to the college in Saturday. Usually I spend this day for myself.
En route it was images of Moscow and thoughts that move out of this town there is not so bad as moving there from St.Petersbourg.
In the workshop there were a other course’s girl. She tried to make me spill beans about my group. (Sometimes it seems like a reality of rumours about her) Zhenya and Nastya had came later. Like other months there was appeared the teapot, cups and some sweets. I talked and laughted much more than yesterday. That’s why results of this day are not so evident.
Also it was the open day in the college. The consequences included plenty of strange young and old people (mainly poor) in the hall, corridor and the visit of Britvin. When I saw that number of young nauve persons who want to enter there I had felt a shade of pity of them. Many times I said that if I could come back in time, maybe I tried to enter other republic’s college. And the noise of this day shows a notion about life what will be contunue there after we graduated.
Britvin with his comments (mainly how bad it was) made me feel confuse. For five years I have not understood them. Their notion about pictures. That kind of moment I’m angry and irritable with people around. What will it be done against?


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