Cartoon’s time. Monday

Magic of the morning with run across the snowy streets. As it is a New Year time. Magic of music thred through usual reality of public transport. Like a new life. But new are only my smartphone, cardigun and location of the workshop (the hall). So light and gracious I hadn’t been so much time before. Purposes of cartoon and easels’ removements wasn’t purposes but a simple deal to do.
To eleven Kate had come to pose for me. That time was filled with concentration, what sounded like a silence. The large window opened a bulk of the grey sky and the one church. Cold walls of the building and warm jackets on girls.
At the dinner break we found Irine in tears (again!). After usual conversation girls tryed to set her on confession. It wasn’t managed but we all had understood that basically the case didn’t matter. Sensitive creatures often tumble over wretch persons. This is just a mirror of the character.
Tennis training was terrible. Some moments it was hard to restrain myself from crying. So shameful that seemed.
Juzz is so alive, especially in a dim trolley bus with frown faces.


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