Cartoon’s time. Wednesday.

I had so healthy and sweet dream at the morning that going to the bus stop I had been very enthusiastic. There were songs of Adele, my sand-coloured skirt, the hat and Sun sun sun everywhere. That was so clear picture of my life, my steps and deals.
The hall in the college was almost empty. Just Genya and some other course’s girls. Kate had come little later and we begun with talks and smiles I couldn’t restrain myself from. Genya was sitting near by us and kept a conversion on. (so dufficult to concentrate on drawing). To the dinner time Kate had tired and we moved to the other workshop. There was grey colours of shadow side and some fresh air what was absent in the hall.
How often during winter we sat around the cups without a scruple of today’s frivolity and easiness in any phrase. I can not count. 
The next hours were hard and exhusting. Finally I get the notion to draw the less picture to understand basic things. (Certainly I’m too haste drawing cartoon)
At home I had made the supper with chicken legs and rice.

I should keep social networking in the bound of my own life. To do things, not make these only seem like this.


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