Cartoon’s time. Rain, shadow, l.

What should I write if there has been so little happened today?
Standing at the kitchen there was snowing outdoor. Snow was so big and so fast that the whole picture seemed incredible. But on the streets air of Cities’ memories hovered everywhere. Rainy dark-blue colours, fresh wet air and music. I liked it much and thought much about the trip I had two years ago. This was exactly the nostalgia about that streets’ spirit.
In the dark college just one girl and me fliping a news feed. Nastya came later and than F with Br.
Their notices and suggestions were a little surprising for me. Some reason remaining day I couldn’t really do their task to draw less picture with false perspective. Sometimes it looks like nothing is able to do. (Keep calm, you know)
At home film by film I couldn’t put myself together for working on picture. Most film was very British (by Shakespear) and one “The september issue” – again.

(Sometimes it appears I mean loneliness, when you got new phone, but nobody texts you)


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