Pre-cartoon’s days. Monday

My tennis skills become better with every set. My second place in the last mini-competition inspires me and shows that everything can be. It became easier to bring through myself their complaints and not so clever talks. (my spring look helps much)
When I went out a bus to change seats immediately I had felt such a fresh river air blowing from the bank. That was pure beauty with all that’s lighted windows  and clear sky.
Recently I have some nervious feelings in my heart, what goes away during tennis and sleep time. I try to be tranquill and breath quietly.
The situation with diploma is queer. I have made some newest sketches for pre-cartoon but I cannot begin to realize untill it isn’t admited. Dilema. Tomorrow I should show sketches another tutor and then phone my own to schedule an appointment. That is all at the beginning.
Also I’ve got the comprehension about my usual sense of loneliness. This is quiet easy to see that I have no real percieved person in front of my days whom I could have some talks with. This was easy I said.

And of course about “Birdman”. Omitting the details the Sam’s monologue was like a scream of our time, our society, it’s own inner senses. Like a mirror. The whole film does completely philosophical evaluate of our present life.


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