Pre-cartoon’s day. Little miracle

Through open eyes I saw an orange colour what had disappeared to the breakfast time.
It was the first day since last thursday when I had gone to the college. I was lost a little of course. The first half of the day everything made me annoyed. Idle talks, seats and net-serfing nonstop. Yesterday I experienced concentration during 50 minutes than a break, and 50 minutes else. That way I had done the pre-cartoon for four hours. In the college (as I afraid of) you should communicate with people more than it pertaining to useful process. Understanding of our not resemblence in approach to work made me feel ease. There was no real matter.
My deed of diploma got it moving. Sketches were discussed in detail with Br. and then during the whole day I had been drawing the new sketch with pencil. Finally after some correction it was approved. This case could be called a miracle because of the fact of Britvin’s agreement. I call. Tomorrow I am drawing the cartoon in full force. Is there somebody really know how glad I am about it? Than it will be tornments with drawing and painting, with light and colour. But afterward I will stand in a graceful dress near by my picture with sense of dignity about that.
Now there is some kind of chase with time I need. It would be great to play tennis on mornings though three times a week (I play only two). In the game there are a sense of life, passion and profound notion about life.


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