Cartoon’s days. People of friday

I have overslept my time today. But panishment had be in the sight of headache and weariness. Time in the hall went so slowly and boring that I went to the closet or far corner (to see the picture at all) more often than later. Girls who came only to talk with the tutor were sitting by the wall and leafing art-books of Soviet art. Yesterday we phoned our tutor and were surprised (but not me) about the drunk statement he was in. Today he has not come to the college. But another tutor has been there the whole day hovering above our cartoons and giving some advices. During dinner break it come Ryibkin whom country house we went to plain air to last summer. Frankly I was not glad to see him and embrace him (so familiar!!). He is property but unpleasant. I can communicate, but not so close. When he was examining our cartoons and asking some questions we were standing by the window with the cups of tea and watching on him.
The same dinner break I had the consultation about my issue with the teacher of literature. It was noisy populous place of library (!!) where she could tell in normal way, but I only tried to do. Near by me that was sitting a girl who I know is Jew. She heard our discussion about Revolution (hate this theme but have it to learn for the exam) and joined. That was very strange moment when I had seen how resemble we are and how remote the Revolution is. My endless Jewish question. So silly. Really. But I had been rotating around that the rest of drawing time.
In the corridor a strange process was watched by me. A policeman learned students to take the banner the right way. It looked very religious. Then walls of the college had been soaked in sounds of patriotical songs for the Victory’s Day. I thought about it again. For what? Now I really do not know how to pass to this question. I do not want and will not. 
Home sweet home. Headache lefts me here. It is very strange indefinable time.


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