Cartoon’s days. Monday

Such a bad first part of the day and more alive end.
I was sitting by the table with a pen and saw out of the window where it was snowing. Like no spring was going to come there. Hardly I had washed the dishes as it was necessary to go to the college. To the additional I say, that was louthsome condition of mine. I listened last year’s english songs pacing across puddles.
I had felt myself immediately worse in the hall. There were girl sitting in a row and laughing at something. In some time my actions had become less than sitting in procrastination. I was sad, bad and hateful about my behaviour. But then I finally got drawn few parts of the cartoon. Senses hovered above Moscow, fashion (new cover of american Vogue), great photosets of the girl from the other course (she is friend of my friend, but not mine), words of Sasha about me and about a rain outdoor at all.
Tomorrow there is the event on Victory’s Day. And first year girls tires so much to make it good. They had even entered in the holly of hollies – the hall to ask us little help.
Tennis’s games made me feel better, more energetic. Heart troubles left me on some time, but even in a trolley bus I got resemble feeling. 


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