Cartoon’s days. Odd day

It was much of small events today.
Last days I have so sweet sleep time that even when I oversleep I cannot reprouch myself. This was today else.
Going to the college I unexpectedly noticed the car of our tutor who should not appear today. At throushold we had met. That time I was astonished and unpleased with all unusualness of situation. Like days before I had a nervious heart, but tried to answer in active way. Tutors decided much things to do that after their leaving I had felt myself exhausted and had not understood what thing to do the first. But after dinner time and few hours of drawing the body and some other details I had succeed.
About three hours I read the letter from Nastya. In a heap of senses like angry, sad, total loneliness and shameful there was one what had supported me to be normal. That was: “It is necessary to live further”. In the end of things friendship often transforms into communication. Into pretty polite communication of two intellegent girls. How explain the presence of a glassy wall between us the other way?
To have a tennis training with anoher group another time was so oddly. Children are always wild children without adult percieve of life. Their training was so easy and common that I had not had any weariness.
Outdoors weather was so warm and extraordinary sunny that usual sights got another alive look. But I full of business.


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