Day in Moscow

During the way to Moscow I had been sleeping no more than twenty minutes I presume. It was strange to get off the bus on unknown metro station. There was a fray between drunk boys because of crying girl. Then in the subway I frankly worried being between them. So ugly and grey. On my station I found Coffee House to sit some time and have a breakfast. It was not a good breakfast, but the possibility to kill time. Strange thing to hear bad language, and be waited from a closet in agressive way. And I naturally breathed hard and said to myself how unfriendly Moscow met me everytime.
Streets was empty at eight o’clock, only cleaning machines flushed pavements with soap water. It is great if you are out of those roads, another way you will be entirely splashed. Like I had been.  Barrettes and yards of houses (historically low and totally high) in the centre. Last time there it was primarily spirit of metro, crowd in common stir and nonstop run. But that time I saw placid mood of narrow roads and certain faces what could be smiling else.
When I went to institute’s dormitory it had begun to rain. So fast as I could I went to instititute half and hour earlier that I should.
In the canteen I met a girl from NN. She is going to enter there too and we had much points to discuss. Often I listened resemble thoughts from her about art and Repin’s institute. We set at the first row where we could observe professors and managers entirely. One of them (from sculpture department) was drawing the whole time. The main speaker was composed, good-looking and clever enough. The main spirit of the meeting had really welcome, open, not snobbish mood. Everyone of the comission answered on questions quietly and precisely enough. Even before the consultation about russian literature exam I had collected much information. And the main one was about my doubts I had not more. Then in the study we had the little lesson about literature. When I entered immediately I set with a dark-hair and dark-eyes girl. We were talking the all time about mistakes, exams, literature, illustrations. One moment I had forgotten that I was not at home but in the other city with unknown persons, that I did not study there then and that was not a usual lesson of literature. Information I have now is quiet useful.
When we came out of a study, talks had not been stopping until the farewell in metro. In front of the time-table we touched the point of russian “education” what absents. It appeared that she lived and studied in Germany seven years. Both of us hates theme of war and the main political stream now. That was real pleasure to speak with her and hear a responce on my own thoughts and hopes and dreams. I really can say that like attracts like. And also the whole day in Moscow, in the Institute, no one thought I was not a local. Irma (dark-hair girl) even asked me either I had come on car of foot.
Museum like a usual haunt, was placid yesterday. I delighted with Sezann and Matiss, Picasso and deutshce artists. With time I understand in art more and more. Wings of inspiration made me fly and enjoy the moment. Streets were full of different stylish people, walking with their companies and smiling on sun and spring what came finally. I felt self-confidence there.
After some wondering I had found the place where Sasha studied. That was like a little town in the big city. Plenty of book and art stores, exhibition centre and interesting people everywhere.  Sasha appeared from the corner very noticeble. And we talked nonstop about much things. But I should say frankly I felt a difference between her and new moscow acquantances. Basically the difference is. Maybe it is diffilcult to her throw bad details of life what everyone has. But the time with her was friendly, warm and interesting. We said goodbye in the half of the word and I went out on my station.
Evening in the bus was unexpectedly active. I was gapping without any desire to sleep. But I did later. On the morning I spent an hour looking through the window on lighted fields. At home I had slept four hours.


1 thought on “Day in Moscow”

  1. You know, I felt so warm and even cozy while reading this very post, especially about the sense of belonging, forgetting about the strange city, and natural talks with people. Everything’s gonna be fascinating. I hope you also can feel this.

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