Cartoon’s days. Reflection on being here again.

In this town, town of my birth, everything is so empty. Streets, people, transport. Empty because of my percieving it. I don’t know, but here people are so slack and slow, most of them wants nothing, zestes about nothing. Allegadly I had gone here I had not gone to my town but only town where I live. Where I  feel mysels lonely, and this sense is explainable.
I begin to understand why one persons live in one places and another in others. Even Plato wrote on this point in Dialogues. Knowing person is courage, but unknowing fears. We afraid of things we do not know, and often people even do not want to discover new. But world is included by many little pieces what we are able to understand. Pieces of people, roads and buildings, customs and marks. And your regard to any city is collected not from objective points, but from subjective bit of persons around you. We may choice to mix with (not) intellegent people in any town, it depends only from us.
My day in Moscow was so vivid and inspirating, like a sip of air. Immediately possibilities of life was opened for me like possible. Like open way to my own dream.

Today was grey (who has surprised?). Almost nobody from my course came to the college that why I was drawing most of the time. The film of riding cars out of the window is boring thing to watch. I find my behaviour here is not so local or very local (sometime when I cannot to come to unknown man and ask anything). Boring boring. I hope everuthing will be OK and will find my own shore.


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