Cartoon’s days. Sun and spring

This is diploma time with no time and any desire to work hard. Sunny bank of the river out of our window seduces us to go out of cartoons and canvas. And we see the glimpse of water and resting people on bikes or worn in dresses. Everybody came outdoors to breath either with light air of spring or fresh painted roads and branches.
The morning stir in the hall made any mind scattering. My tutor F appeared immediately there. His comments were as usual emotional and loud. Most of them had been started with “I do not like it…” Oh, it is very professional, I see. My notices were percieved as some attack. Old story. Unexpectedly I saw him in other light and his power had been ended then. One girl decided to go to home after his notices. And some time after F’s departure Br. came to me with another view, which was more pertain to me and to the whole picture. We understand each other, I hope, more.
Heavy clouds have covered the sky with dim, gloomy colour of grey and blue now.


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