May day.

This day contains much little details, things, cadres and sun.

I was ironing my clothes and watching “The Art of Germany” the same time. The may day parade dinned out of the window on the main street, where I had been gone in half of an hour with some hope to meet girls in time. There had not already been any flags, groups, music. The square was expectedly placid with all it’s latter. Sitting on a branch I could not take myself easy and be relaxed. Only two girls (Kate and Nastya) came to walk. And mainly our meet was not so common to each of us like my meets with friends. In the cheap cafetery and the all time entirely that was so them’s. I cannot understand. We all live on different waves, sometimes waves are near, sometimes far from each other. The same point about images of life we all have. Their company in spite of all prettiness is not so mine. And all I could was to try to be friendly and keep fun. These are the reasons why we broke windows of the house (what was going to be destroyed), why we run from Kate ex-boyfriend through a back door of the mall and went on unusual road to drink coffee. In front of the stage on the square it was too boring to keep it up. Time is not so infinite for me as I want. Yellow and red tent with all sorts of rabbish and noise.

The rest of the day was spent in my room with Art-house film. Sometimes we should take a brake of society.


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