not cartoon day.

To say something though.
I visited theraupetist about my heart. And in spite of her words that it would be nothing terrible, I felt myself scared. Like WoodyA’s character in “Hanna and her sisters”, waited for analysis of research. I have to make someone of them to know exactly. Now at home in my cozy room everything is in calm, but with any trait of pressure I feel myself worse. At the college much worse. And so tired majority of time. I have so much work on my cartoon but I do not try enough to win this feebleness.
But tomorrow I will do and there is no other way.


2 thoughts on “not cartoon day.”

  1. Soul and body are connected, aren’t they? I think the problems with your heart lie more in the psychology than in physical condition. Your worries, stress, and the atmosphere of your town.
    Please don’t think I’m saying another type of bullshit like “traditional” (already) quotes about being a master of your everything and having strength to do all stuff. If a doctor told you it was quite all right, you may well be sure it is true (although you can always have another try and visit another hospital, to be more sure).
    What I want to say is: it’s good you consulted a specialist. You can concentrate upon mental treatment of yourself. Don’t push yourself hard in your studies, hobbies, sports, and the whole attitude to life, okay? Take care of yourself.

    1. I’m so care that it doesn’t look like diploma time. But not everything is fine and I am going to be examined this week again. You are right of course. Body would like to wag, not to draw hard.

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