Saturday at home

After tomorrow visit to cardiologist and her direction to the examination in three weeks I had decided to solve my own problem with method I clearly knew. To run. This morning I run the first time since last monday and felt good. With no my usual expressive fast chase at the finish but with tranquill, soft result what had been. I was OK with no pain the whole morning and almost the all day long. But after breakfast came and boredom. I entirely didn’t know what to do during my free day.
I watched the last film of the Art-House list. That was very thoughful and profound but not so timely for me. I haven’t thought before but I have no list to watch at Saturdays now. Some desires of non-classical film what were suggested by different people. Doesn’t matter.
But the discover of this day was lessons of english which were tought by a young female londoner. Then I found out her another channel, sibscribed and watched some of her very funny or sad videos. I was watching at blue eyes with dark eyelashes and saw the world of persons around her, her life, places she go. And such observation (with british pronunciation) to my surprise is inspire me. She told so simple things about being oneself like one is, about self development in society for introverts (not so useful for me, but for the image I got). And when I got out the flat and breathed an air of spring I had felt a lifeful. The world in my head what is able to become reality. Curtain thoughts were “I should converse with different people more, write and practice in english more, live more and enjoy life being myself more”. English as tennis will be attained with practise and nothing else. And also the way of uncovering own impressions, emotions etc is the way of creativity.
Tennis was incredible good. I played passionately and quietly at the same time. Calm and concentration are necessary conditions to play better. And be easy about mistakes, try new methods and don’t worry.


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