Colour sketches’ day

Why am I so thoughful and prostrating? The answer is “I think about modern art world and entire world too much”. Since I watched videos on youtube about condition in that world, I have been reflecting. Their title even sounds like “Why there is so little art in the world of art?” I could say that I see some real crisis in painting last time. Nobody knows what art is about, for what it is, and where is good or bad. Just intermittent everywhere. In my own place it is shown with distortion of notion about realistic traditional art. I mean that we have an idol of Academy but in reality there are only imitation of old school. With old themes, methods(this is rather well) and old-fashioned view on the world.
But in the West (at my own presumption) the situation isn’t better but another. With the other distortion.
At the end society becomes a victim of opinions in desire to seem cleverer. We more often whisper about our not understanding or our not being sure that that rubbish is art. This all seems to me a shining soap-bubble what have blown for one reason. Money. I will not say any not evident thing, but I see some ill nature. More clear art is I presume in cinema and photos. As there are some technical and aesthetic requirments without which it doesn’t work at all.

When I was going on the main street where buses stopped to drive and was thinking about all of this, white cloud hovered under the blue sky. Some light wind made trees rattling in sun rays. And nobody cancelled beauty.


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