Colour sketch’s day. Changes

I resolved to start a new life since monday. Wake up early, run, write and go to the college in time. But as soon as I saw a rain out of the window at six o’clock my plan had been corrected. Later I was writing morning pages when it had been still raining. How long had I been neglecting this marvelous process? At the end of writing I felt myself cleaned up and got ready to act.
Yesterday I was so slack and slow. But at the evening when I decided much pretty things I would surprise nobody with there was a film I liked. “National Treasure” – humour, bit of history, pathetic, action (I always feel bored with it). But the main thing what fed me is the images of persons who are in passion about their business. That passion is what I really need in time of such greyness. I feed myself with pictures.
Today I have some little wins I glad to have. My last composition about illustrations for literature was started. If you don’t know what to do, what to begin with – write a list with confounded ideas, thoughts, sketches without any bound. Then write a plan where that chaos get an order. That’s all. Nothing is impossible, only thing we should do – start.
I want to think more positive and live more colourful. To have real life with plans, pleasures and sadness. I want to act in my life, not to look on. There is something changed in myself as I see a new page of life I would like to have. To change worst sides and save the  best ones.


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