cartoon day. Lucky one

Magic of the day will not disipate if I write about it.

I woke up in time and wrote the pages an hour. Such kind of days luckiness on my side. Clouds replaced with sun what lighted wet green trees and deep blue puddles. I was listening my usual audiobook and regreted I had no time to read yesterday. The art store was expectadly empty and I could quietly make my choice. And no word about prices will be sounded from me. After so long pause in any kind of spending money that had been so joyful to buy oils even if it is necessary.

When I went to the college there had been some election. Scheudules, candidates etc. That was something about youth wing of goverment. With an interest I voted for a boy from the university. Then everybody I tryed to persuade to vote waved on my word. Very remarkably. During work time I mixed with people around. From the other course, from my course. I even phoned to much of ortodontists to know weither they buy what I need. And thing I found out that I could buy things for so little price. It even wasn’t necessary to arrive to the new town and spend more money. Juzz I listened in the clear trolley-bus amused.

So lucky day with rain, sun and serenity of air.


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